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  • Maria

    Lose weight with capsules Dietonus. Has drawn attention to this that they discourage the appetite. Became there are a lot less, has refused to starchy foods. In a month, in the balance, the least of 7 kg of Side effects has not been, it feels good.

  • Teresa

    Even not dreamed that I can get rid of the huge belly. The girl brought me 2 of the packaging of these capsules and proposed to drink with it. In a month, my belly has become in less than 10 see the Weight decreased 12 kg Now, I'm satisfied with my figure. I advise dietonus all of my friends.

  • Salvatore

    Of dietonus there is a real effect and this is not a myth. I have stopped eating junk food. Jet 8 pounds in a month, the belly has decreased by 5, to see My opinion is an effective medicine without side effects. On the other became more active. Became a regular run. Well-being in the norm, not fatigue.

  • Caterina

    Even after 50 want to be beautiful and thin! Therefore, to solve drink on Dietonus on the advice of a friend. Has studied composition and has not found any chemistry. Only 100% natural substances. After the receipt of funds from the stomach was reduced from 12 cm and the party of the cellulite. I feel much younger. And this, in only a month!

  • Giuseppe

    Accept these capsules six months ago, in order to remove the belly fat. For a long time led a sedentary lifestyle and a poorly nourished one. The result of 100 kg on the scale. For the month of return of the old 80 kg Figure satisfied. With dietonus has become increasingly active and rarely allow fatty food.

Comments Dietonus